Please see full program. Each day this list will be updated. The program will accommodate nearly 30 speakers from the US and Europe.

 AlistairMcrobertAllistair McRobert
Lecturer of Performance Analysis on the Science and Football at Liverpool John Moores University
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Sports and Exercise. Former Performance Analyst at Everton Football Club.
Specialist in Performance Analysis. Head of match analysis at the Football Exchange. Believes that education is the great engine of personal development.
BarryMcNeilBarry McNeill
CEO of Europe, Middle East & Africa at Catapult Sports, Owner at BPM Performance LTD., Non Executive Director at British Gymnastics
An experienced, business savvy executive motivated to lead, develop talent, build commercial sustainability and create enduring cultures. Senior leadership role with Catapult Sports and a portfolio of non executive, advisory and executive coaching roles under BPM Performance.
His career has largely focused on establishing and building visionary performance technology and leveraging the power of big data, analytics and the contextual understanding of sporting performance. Catapult is an Intelligence company at the intersection of wearable technology and analytics. Their purpose is to help clients make the most of their products and data to improve performance and create novel methods and practices.
BertMartensBert Martens
Analytics Manager, Infostrada Sports
Infostrada Sports offers a solution for the collection, analysis and presentation of data via its Performance Manager ‘Podium’. Podium is now used by seven of the top-15 Olympic nations to assist for their sports policy as well as to help with performance analysis. Podium is the ultimate decision support system to answer the most important questions for the client. It is a one-stop solution for: Providing data, Analysis, Customisation & Integration with own data, Reporting and Internal/External communication.
ChuckKorbChuck Korb
Founder of Sabermetrics, Scouting, & the Science of Baseball, a weekend seminar for the Jimmy Fund (saberseminar.com).
President of the newly formed Baseball Analysis and Sports Education, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to sports analysis with an emphasis on baseball, and sports education with a goal of teaching math and science skills utilizing baseball analytics.
ChrisBarnesChris Barnes
Performance Consultant Rugby Football League, GB Basketball and West Bromwich Albion FC
Chris was appointed Head of Sports Science at Middlesbrough in 1996, with a remit to create a department, support facilities and ‘cradle to grave’ curriculum. He left in 2009 to develop his consultancy business working across several sports. Strong believer in the development of sports science as a core pillar of support services to professional team sports.
DaveRischardsonDave Richardson
Director, School of Sport & Exercise Sciences; Professor of Sports Science, Liverpool John Moores University
As director of the School of Sport & Exercise Sciences, Dave is committed to developing research and scholarship informed practice both within academia and through the continual translation of his work to the applied environment. He has worked with numerous top and lower tier football clubs across the North West and across Europe including France, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. Dave has also worked with respected governing bodies in football and cricket. He is part of the Psychology and Development (PaD) research group which concerns the understanding of identity within high performance environments.
DavidArcherDavid Archer
Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition in the Department of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Sunderland
David has a BA (Hons) in Physiology from Trinity College Dublin and a PhD in Physiology from the University of Aberdeen. His general research area is in performance analysis and conditioning in intermittent exercise, with special reference to football. He also investigates pacing strategies in elite sport in addition to publishing work in the field of sport and exercise nutrition, specifically fluid balance. He has worked as a consultant in sports physiology and nutrition for British Swimming and British Fencing and has provided scientific support to elite athletes/teams since 1999.
DavidRoeDavid Roe
Director NAVITAS CONSULTANCY; Founder of PAS Network
Navitas helps organisations to drive performance and increase revenues through strategic analysis, planning and delivery. They have experience of working at all levels of sport from elite to grassroots with organisations such as national governing bodies, professional sports clubs, sports colleges and commercial sports.
The Performance Analysis in Sport (PAS) group is one of the largest online communities of Performance Analysis professionals in the world, providing a forum in which to interact and share ideas, communicate best practice, review current and emerging technologies and network with other professionals in the field of sports performance analysis.
Dominik RaabeDominikRaabe
Data scientist at the Institute of Cognitive and Team/Racket Sport Research at the German Sports University in Cologne.
His expertise is in Statistics and Machine Learning and I mostly focus on analyzing positioning data in football. Right now I am leading a project for the DFL (Deutsche Fussball Liga) where we run a large-scale analysis onpositioning data and key performance indicators.
DrewBenvie1Drew Benvie
Founder and Director of comms & social media agency @battenhall; author of Body Data.
Still a new agency, Battenhall has been named agency of the future by the PRCA and the UK’s best small agency by the UK Social Media Awards. Drew is also author of the website Body Data. Advancements in wearable technology, digital health systems and the mobile and e-health technology revolution are changing how we experience life and how brands and organisations can interact. Body Data site aims to monitor this new area and what impact it has on the world (and sports) around us.
GuidoBouwGuido Bouw
Managing Director, Infostrada Sports
Infostrada Sports specialises in collecting and managing sports data of more than 300 sports worldwide. The databases contain both historical and live results from any major sporting event and competition, as well as and biographical information on tens of thousands of athletes. All information is updated continuously. Infostrada Sports supports partners with distribution and publication solutions to reach a global audience via any channel, device or platform by providing them with innovative technology for a true multi-screen experience so available content is best monetised.
JohnBiltonJohn Bilton
Performance Coach at Chesterfield FC
Self Employed, developing players and teams through holistic development using performance analysis. John utilizes the tool of Performance Analysis to develop coaches, teams and players holistically. Performance Analysis allows to determine the Performance Standard (PS) of elite teams and players to a criteria. The relevant team and players are then analysed to determine their PSs to the same criteria as the elite. This highlights the gap in performance.  A purposeful training is then planned and delivered based on the evidence and existing experience in order to reduce the gap – Evidence Based Training.
LouisPassfieldLouis Passfield
Professor at University of Kent (UK); Head of School of Sport and Exercise Sciences.
In the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences Louis is part of its Endurance Research Group, probably the largest group of its kind in the world. Getting cyclists to go through all the different possible permutations before each race might not leave them in the best shape to compete afterwards. The Endurance Research Group has developed an alternative method, which is to use a mathematical model instead. Now with the press of a button they can run any number of different computer simulations, changing riders, courses and tactics in order to determine the best options for Britain’s top cyclists to compete successfully.
MarcvanDorthMarc van Dorth
Co-Founder, Uscout (Netherlands)
Marc presents the startup Uscout For – a mobile app that enables parents, friends, coaches and fans to show-case the sport talents of amateur players. Be that in soccer, basketball or any other sport. The platform provides professional scouts a much larger pool of talent to recruit from. In essence Uscout For is disrupting the scouting industry and if they succeed a lot more young talents will get a try to do what they love and earn a living with it. 
MichaelBushMichael Bush
Performance Analyst, Sunderland AFC Academy
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Sports Science, University of Sunderland; International Masters Performance Analysis of Sport, Sport Science, Nottingham Trent University and Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg. Performance analyst with experience of setting up and developing analysis systems at sports clubs. Professional experience in football and rugby at 1st team club level. Experience and training in performance analysis software, in particular Prozone and SportsCode.
MichielDeHoogMichiel de Hoog
Correspondent Sport at the Correspondent
The Correspondent, a Dutch-language, online journalism platform that focuses on background, analysis, investigative reporting, and the kinds of stories that tend to escape the radar of mainstream media because they do not conform to what is normally understood to be ‘news.’ They have more than 30,000 subscribers who pay €60 a year. The best stories are translated from Dutch to English on a regular basis.
11tegen11 (11tegen11.net) is a one-person job, intended to fit around Michiel’s other private and professional obligations. It started out as a Dutch blog on Dutch football during the summer of 2010. Shortly hereafter, 11tegen11 decided to switch to English in order to allow football fans from all over the world to enjoy the Dutch Eredivisie, the KNVB Beker (Dutch Cup), the Johan Cruijff Schaal (Super Cup), Europa League and Champions League matches of Dutch clubs and of course the Dutch National Team, runners-up of the 2010 World Cup and third at the 2014 World Cup.
PauloLisboaPaulo Lisboa
Professor and chair of mathematics at Liverpool John Moores University, Football Analytics, The Football Exchange
The FE’s staff members use statistics to reveal underlying trends in data on performance or risk of injury. They can develop risk models & performance models, make use of structure finding algorithms combined with rigorous failure time models and advanced visualisation methods, in order to systematically analyse complex databases. They make this information available to sport specialists in a way that is informative and readily understood in the field. They currently work with a number of elite football organisations.
RobertCarrolRob Carroll
Sports Performance Analyst
Robert Carroll lectures in Performance Analysis at the University of Limerick and is Irelands leading independent sports performance analyst. He is also creator of the website www.videoanalyst.com.. He has spent over ten years working closely with elite sports teams and athletes to bring their performance to the next level. Robert is passionate about helping teams discover the edge for coaches who want to win more.
Robert acts as consultant to a number of the leading teams and organisations in Ireland and in the All Ireland GAA Championship. Robert has also published his first online eBook “An Experts Guide to Performance Analysis” and recently had his first academic paper published by the International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport.
RobHartnettRob Hartnett
Founder of www.sportforbusiness.com
Sport for Business is all about *Sports Intelligence, * Thought Leadership, and * Sports Marketing and Governance. Sport for Business launched in 2012 and now can call on a business network that includes Accenture, Ulster Bank, KPMG, UCD Smurfit Business School, PwC, Microsoft, Aer Lingus and many more; alongside a sporting network that includes the Irish Sports Council, the GAA, FAI, National Governing Bodies from more than 20 sports and the Irish Government. Sport for Business connects leaders in the sports industry with those in the business community so that both sides can work smarter together. It does this through intelligent analysis of what is working best in the commercial world of sport, and insight on new initiatives to make it even better.
RobJacksonRob Jackson
Operations Manager at The Sports Office UK Ltd
The Sports Office unlocks the power of data analysis. By developing and hosting a centralised database of information, The Sports Office creates a massive range of data analysis opportunities.
The combining of data allows it to be “mined” for evidence based coaching and predictive modelling. Important patterns and trends can be identified and with an increase in analysis speed coaches can identify the key factors that contribute to success.
With this capability, coaches, managers and executives can focus on what really matters, see outcomes sooner, set more effective goals and change course when necessary. The Sports Office helps to stay ahead of the competition. The most recent acquisition was Chelsea FC.
StaffordMurrayStafford Murray
Head of Performance Analysis at the English Institute of Sport 
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Performance Profiling in Elite Sport (London School of Sport, Middlesex University). Former employers: BOA, McLaren F1, Commonwealth Games England, England Squash, UWIC Centre for Notational Analysis, University of Wales, Institute Cardiff.
Stafford is an innovative practitioner, manager, mentor and leader who has worked at the highest level in Olympic, Commonwealth and Professional sport for over 15 years. A previous world-class level athlete and national level coach with post graduate qualifications in Analysis of Sporting Performance and Coaching Science. A proven track record in the leadership of practitioners, managers, athletes and coaches in the elite sporting arena. Has a fundamental belief in the importance of collaboration, innovation and integrity when striving for positive impact in the high performance environment.
TimChartierTim Chartier
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Davidson College and special consultant to the NCAA Division 1 Davidson Wildcats
All basketball teams use statistics to some extent. Those in the NBA and a handful of college programs spend big money to buy overhead cameras to record data and pay staff to analyze it. Davidson doesn’t have that but have students who sit on the sidelines. They map the court, turn data into heat maps and rate efficiencies. The cat stats team is led by Tim Chartier, who teaches math and computer science. It’s not clear how much of Davidson’s success can be chalked up to analytics. But in some hard to measure way, it probably helped the tiny college beat the odds this year.
WouterFrenckenWouter Frencken
Sport Scientist at FC Groningen, Lecturer
His working life is at the very heart of Sports, Education and Research. His job at FC Groningen is providing the scientific support to various departments within the club, initiate research projects and build an infrastructure that facilitates data collection and data analysis. Furthermore, Wouter is a lecturer/researcher in the ‘training, coaching and performance’ domain at the School of Sports Studies of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Finally, he works for the Center for Human Movement Sciences of University of Groningen/UMCG.