Fan Engagement 2015

Fan Engagement 2015
With a full day of keynotes, lectures and panel discussions, Fan Engagement 2015 will feature many of the top managers and developers in the field of fan engagement and sports marketing.
Featuring speakers, presenters and cases from the following organizations:
ManCity Liverpool Chelsea ScottishFA RoyalBelgianFA NorwegianFA
DetroitPistons LeinsterRugby Fifa Uefa BelfastGiants HumanRace
Marketo-1 Gigya Localytics Eartotheground DigitalSport TheFanExperienceCompany
Winners TBC CastDigital Popdeem 7peaks1 383Project
GranFondo IronMan Ticketmaster AtomicSport Midas
Program overview 
08.30 – 09.15 Registration and Coffee
09.15 – 09.20 Welcome
09.20 – 10.50 Presentations & Panel – Instilling a Fan Engagement strategy from the agency perspective
Moderator: Daniel McLaren – Founder, Digital Sport (UK)
Jon Burkhart – Founder, TBC London (UK)
Jesper Nyholm – CEO, 7Peaks (Denmark)
Mark Bradley – Founder, The Fan Experience Company (UK)
Introduction to real-time Fan Engagement
Making stuff for easily distracted eyeballs is pure mayhem. Be more flexible with your content and more rigid with your strategy. Content creation should be fast and content strategy must be slow. Know everything you can about what your future fans want and need.
How digital is used to talk to, engage with and inspire customers, build brand profile and sell products
How to create and execute strategy, produce engaging content, improve the use of social media and deliver against business objectives. Measuring performance and value, working out what to do and then doing it. A strategy well executed, can bring audience engagement, brand extension, revenue generation, and cost reduction
Models to assist in assessment and planning stages of the strategic process
Models acts as a visual to assist in the assessment and planning stages that occur throughout the strategic process. In general three things should be charted:

  • The elements of success, deemed by the objectives sports organisations seek with their digital strategies
  • The level of adoption from a target audience to a brand
  • The description of the stage, explaining in brief the actionable metrics, tracked by the fans at each stage in the journey.
The Fan Experience
Fan Engagement is no ordinary customer relationship and needs to be properly understood if you’re going to put the fan first and stay ahead of the game. A world-class fan experience almost always starts with decisions born out of data. There are two schools of thought in sports and entertainment. One holds that winning rids all sins. This may be true to a degree. Winning is one measurement that counts most in sports. The other says that fan experience is the ultimate measure of success, especially in the absence of a championship.
Developing effective products, building audiences and generating revenue
Developing effective products (multi-platform offerings, data-centric, live video and video on demand services), building audiences (content enhancement, leveraging social media and search engine optimisation) and generating revenue (including digital advertising, sponsorship and premium service development).
10.50 – 11.10 Coffee Break
11.10 – 11.30 Presentation – Digital ticketing provides opportunities to better engage fans
Chris Belt – Business Development Director, Ticketmaster Sport (United Kingdom)
Dynamic ticket pricing is the art and science of setting stadium seat prices based on real-time market demand and other data. Dynamically priced tickets can change by the hour, day or week, depending on a team’s preference and needs, and prices can go up or down. There are strategies to make money either way.
11.30 – 11.50 Presentation – Using Fan Insights to develop a brand strategy
Steve Smith – CEO, Ear to the Ground (UK)
Ear to the Ground has designed campaigns and activations for some of the worlds best known brands and rights holders. This session will explain how data and research help them unlock creative ideas that can mobilise global fanbases. Steve will be letting us in on some key insights and models they use to help them understand the devotion, emotion and irrationality of fans and how to get the best results for your organisation.
11.50 – 13.10 Data-Driven Marketing Best Practices
Robert Gavin – Executive Director, Marketo (Detroit Pistons – USA)
Richard Lack – VP EMEA, Gigya (Chelsea FC – UK)
Richard Whelan – CEO, Popdeem (Rugby – Ireland)
Fiona Green – Director, Winners FDD Ltd (UEFA)
The fan experience stands on data and analytics. An engaged fan connects with the league, team or player on multiple levels. And each of those connections is a chance for further engagement. The fan experience blueprint, if designed and implemented effectively, should be the framework to deliver the ultimate fan engagement at the right time and at the right place. The art is in the execution. How do we go about it? How do we make it happen?
13.10 – 14.00 Lunch Break
14.00 – 15.30 Presentations & Panel – How national sports organisations, associations or collaborations of clubs approach and deal with Fan Engagement
Peter Maenhout – Fan Engagement Manager, Royal Belgian FA (Belgium)
Julie Ferguson – Manager Digital & Search, Scottish FA (United Kingdom)
John Newbold – Co-Founder, 383 (United Kingdom)
A number of associations, sports organisations and collaborations of teams have been invited to provide insights, case studies and best practices. It’s all about finding the balance of fan engagement and customer service, keeping the fan experience at the centre of all business and engaging local, national and global fan-bases.
15.30 – 15.45 Tea Break
15.45 – 16.30 Presentations & Panels – Fan Engagement for Mass Participation Sports Events
Patrick Murphy – Director Atomic Sport, Gran Fondo
Thomas Veje Olsen – Managing Director, IRONMAN Denmark
Nick Rusling – CEO, The Human Race
Mass Participation Sports are all about non-elite sports events – any event where the primary focus is on promoting participation and engagement rather than the significance of the sporting outcome. It is set to boom for years to come, and is all about the development, design, organisation and rights management of mass participation and televised sporting events. How to create events which engage local communities; generate significant local economic impact; promote health and fitness as a lifestyle choice; and achieve local and national political support. How to devise an engaging (social) marketing campaign, whether or not in partnership with a charity.
16.30 – 18.00 Presentations & Panel – How clubs and teams approach and deal with Fan Engagement
Mark Brooks –Head of Marketing, Belfast Giants (Northern Ireland)
Danny Wilson – Director of Stadium Sales & Operations, Manchester City (UK)
Matthew Baxter – Head of Media, Liverpool FC (UK)
A number of teams present their cases and best practices. Attendees will get informed by years of cross-­sector best practice, digital innovation and unique exposure from some of the sports industry’s biggest and most progressive brands. Tap from this experience to enhance your work in delivering brand reach, business/digital transformation and commercial growth.
18.00 Networking reception
(program subject to change)