Sport Analytics Europe Conferences & Exhibition – Dusseldorf May 24-25, 2016

The exhibition and the full conference program cover three different fields
Sports Analytics Europe brings clubs, associations, federations, universities and companies together to develop three different areas of expertise:

Performance Analytics
Innovations in data analytics and the rapidly increasing amount of data sources offer a wide variety of sports organizations a competitive edge when it comes to scouting, game planning, in-game decision making, player development and more.

Data Driven Sports Marketing & Fan Engagement
Sports organisations and clubs increasingly want to leverage innovative data-driven technologies and social media platforms to promote fan interaction. Technical innovations also change the in-game experience at the stadium or through sports media and auxiliary partners, and impact the way sponsorship and branding are measured.

Academic / Athletic Collaboration
Hundreds of institutes of higher education have keyed in on the demand to develop experts on applied data science. Schools from various European countries are developing practical cases how they have collaborated with sports organizations and athletes in innovative projects that put the science of applied data analysis central in finding competitive advantages.