Sports Analytics Europe – a non-profit pan-European platform
By organizing specialised and targeted events, Sports Analytics Europe e is developing a pan-European platform for sports organizations and associations to connect with global innovators in their specific fields. It’s an initiative of Data Driven Republic, an idea-incubating, concept-realizing collective that organizes international events on disruptive technologies and innovative solutions that transform the way we work, live and interact.

Together with our Strategic Partners – who are international pioneering companies in the vanguard of sports analytics – we strive to stimulate innovation in applied data science and analytics by actively embracing the entrepreneurial ecosystem and academic research projects across Europe. Our portfolio of events and publications demystifies data analytics and embraces best practices in innovation in sports for sports organizations and associations both large and small. Insight is gained why data is central for athletics in the future, both from the performance as well as the business side.

Nils Veenstra and Roelof Kramer are the directors of Data Driven Republic and the natural born driving forces behind Sports Analytics Europe:

Nils is a US citizen with strong Dutch roots which are reflected by his love for football and some of the major North American sports and their New England teams. He spent most of his adult life in Boston, where he was inspired by endless discussions with friends involved in sabermetrics and sports development at MIT.

Roelof is Dutch, and a keen sailor. He follows football, cycling, the Olympics and frankly most major sporting events religiously, and is actively involved in developing the pan-European operations for Data Driven Republic on the European continent.

Three different fields
Sports Analytics Europe brings clubs, associations, universities and companies together to develop three different areas of expertise:
Performance Analytics: Innovations in data analytics and the rapidly increasing amount of data sources (such as wearables) offer a wide variety of sports organizations a competitive edge when it comes to scouting, game planning, in-game decision making, player development and more.
Business Operations and Fan Engagement: Sports organizations are adapting to the rapidly changing landscape of the sports business, and show innovative ways to create and capture value. Learn about future areas of revenue generation, the role of the media, prospects for international expansion, opportunities for deeper player/community involvement, evolving sponsorship partnerships, the role of analytics and challenging the status quo in the sports industry.
Academic / Athletic Collaboration: Hundreds of institutes of higher education have keyed in on the demand to develop experts on applied data science. Schools from various European countries are developing practical cases how they have collaborated with sports associations and organizations and athletes in innovative projects that put the science of applied data central in finding competitive advantages.